Human Resources Consulting


For projects encompassing the promotion of workplace diversity, productivity improvement, the design/introduction or modification of HR programs, policies, and systems, organizational changes, as well as training sessions/workshops tied to these initiatives, we will furnish an estimate tailored to your precise requirements.

A rough estimate would be approximately 250,000 JPY per month for one day per week (i.e., 8 hours per week) of operation.


Team-building and other workshops that increase psychological safety in the workplace, improve communication, and enhance team performance can be facilitated starting at 50,000 yen per session. Workshops can be conducted online, allowing participants to join from their preferred locations.

Language Services


Online business meeting interpretation per H8,000 JPY
On-site business meeting interpretation32,000 JPY –
Japanese-English and English-Japanese consecutive interpretation


Japanese to English translation per 400 letters5,000 JPY
English to Japanese translation per 200 words5,000 JPY
Translation of presentation materials, website/catalog content, etc.

Web Design & Creation

  • We create or renew your original website.
  • The price starts from 200,000 JPY per site but it will vary depending on the number of pages, whether the site has a blog, payment, or e-commerce functions, and other specifications.
  • We can also create bilingual sites in Japanese and English.


Ayako Edahiro, Founder & CEO

After graduating from college, I worked as a software engineer for 3 years, followed by 6 years as an interpreter/translator. Subsequently, I transitioned to human resources roles in global companies for 16 years, changing jobs 5 times. Throughout this period, I gained experience in diverse industries and organizations of various sizes, including IT, telecommunications, finance, non-profit organizations, chemicals, and retail.

In 2023, I established my own company. While supporting projects such as corporate diversity promotion as a consultant, I also revitalized my interpretation and translation business. Additionally, I ventured into web design and production to leverage my software engineering experience.

I am an Omotesenke tea ceremony instructor and a student of Eastern philosophy.

Additionally, I serve as a board member of Pangaea, a non-profit organization based in Kyoto that focuses on providing education for global citizenship.

Company Info

Company Name: Ling JP Co., Ltd.
Founding Date: March 15, 2023
Services: (1) HR Consulting
(2) Language Services 
(3) Website Development
Capital: 5 Million JPY
Founder & CEO: Ayako Edahiro
Address: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan